Dental Clinic

Attention Parents/Guardians:
The Dental Public Health Preventive Clinic will be held at St Jean school starting October 15 / 2018.

Purpose of Dental Clinic: Screen children to assess risk of oral disease; provide oral health education, topical  fluoride, scaling/polishing and sealants, according to your child’s individual needs.

Screening:  All children will be seen for a two-minute screening to determine their risk of oral disease.  If you do not wish your child to have this dental screening, please notify the school secretary or classroom teacher.

Consent: After the screening, all children will be given a consent form which will be necessary for you to complete and return before services are provided.

Fees: There is no cost involved as the preventive services are covered by the Children’s Dental Care Program.

Graduates: Any students who have graduated from St Jean and attending Queen Charlotte Intermediate can still access Preventative Dental Services at our  Dental Public Health Main Clinic in Charlottetown. Please call 368-4918 for information. Birchwood Intermediate has a school dental clinic in the spring.

Further Information:  Please note that only preventive services will be provided and the screening is not a substitute for an annual dental examination.  It is strongly recommended that parents take their children to a dentist for regular examinations and treatment.  The Children’s Dental Care Program assists with the cost of basic dental care delivered in private and public dental offices for children from ages 3 -17.  For more information, please visit

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Wednesday Hot Lunches

Our Home & School have been preparing lunches every Wednesday.

Week 1 – Pancakes & fresh fruit $4.00

Week 2 – Meatballs & rice   $4.00

Week 3 – Chicken & Cheese quesadilla $4.00

Week 4 – Hotdog $2.00

Chicken or Beef tacos are available every Tuesday for $4.00

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